help on S2 production

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help on S2 production

Postby chemablasco » Mon 20.11.2017, 20:33


I am a new member from Spain, and the owner of a 1994 S2 M100 having the following ID data:
- VIN SCC100 ZT1 R H F 2 6168
- ENGINE NUMBER: 0191439
I am the third owner and the car has made only 91.500 km and it is in near mint condition.
I would like to register this car in Spain as a Historic Vehicle (several advantages exist such an extended MoT and lower taxes and insurance costs). According to our Legislation, there are two possibilities to register Historic Vehicles. The first one (in close agreement with rules in several EU countries and FIVA recommendations) requires that the car has 30 years old as the minimum and is original. Thus, this is not possible in my case. The second possibility, no matter the age of the vehicle, is providing data showing that the car is original and rare (only few were manufactured and few remain in circulation), and that will be used exclusively as a collector car and not as a daily driver. I think that my car can accomplish these criteria. According the historic data, only 800 S2 Elans were manufactured between 1994 and 1995, and I have read that only 300 were LHD, but precise official data would be required. To have some probability of success, I will need more data. It would be essential to get a list of manufacturing figures for 1994, to demonstrate that my car was manufactured in a precise date (ie month) of that year, and precise data on the number of LHD S2 produced (I have been unable to find official manufacturing figures), and ideally in the Mustard Yellow color (BO5). It would be also great to have an idea on the number of S2 surviving, and how many of these remain in Spain (I do not know any other).
Any help will be greatly appreciated. If you wish contacting me directly, my e-mail is
Best regards and thank you
JM Blasco
Urb. Torres san Lamberto 44-D. 50011. Zaragoza. Spain
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Re: help on S2 production

Postby Saltire » Mon 20.11.2017, 20:44

The best way to get the information you require is to speak to Andy Graham at Lotus cars: see Lotus Info. In the case of my S2, he was able to tell me both the build and first registration dates, and also how many were manufactured in my particular colour/trim combination. He may even have come across this issue before, and in any case, he’s a very friendly and helpful guy, so it’s well worth asking. Note that there is a charge for this service.

Apart from that, and as far as I know, there are no detailed records of S2 production in the public domain.

Hope this helps

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Re: help on S2 production

Postby John_W » Mon 20.11.2017, 20:48

Andy Graham at Lotus should be able to help. For a fee he will supply a certificate for your car. Best to call or email him first to see if he can give you exactly the information you require. His email address is on their website: ... provenance
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Re: help on S2 production

Postby Giniw » Mon 20.11.2017, 22:09

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Re: help on S2 production

Postby Simon_P » Tue 21.11.2017, 16:40

As above contact Andy Graham.

Next contact Alan Morgan at Club Lotus.

Also check the UK website how many left - This will give you an idea of how many cars are still in existence, on the road or off the road (SORN) in the UK. It is based on UK Government DVLA data and is quite accurate for newer cars.

If you get UK cars produced and remaining that would give you a survivors ratio.
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Re: help on S2 production

Postby chemablasco » Wed 22.11.2017, 08:31

thanks a lot for your kind and prompt responses


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Re: help on S2 production

Postby clemo » Mon 05.02.2018, 18:57

hi there JM,

Is your car LTD number 168 ?

I would like to update it to our database . We are trying to compile a list of known cars in order to help out with questions like yours .

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