New elan owner in Ipswich

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New elan owner in Ipswich

Postby Mariadz » Mon 10.12.2018, 08:14

Morning everyone,

My name is Adam and I bought my second lotus, an Elan SE, two weeks ago -1992 and bluewith 74k miles on it.

It was garaged for ten years and came out of hibernation two years ago. I am about to take it to Hanger 111 to get a view of what else I need to do to get it right :) I have an extensive list of things already but that is to be expected.

First lotus was an Elise 111S which I bought new in 2003 and held for ten years. Loved it and it regularly got a present.... I’m sure Eleanor the Elan will be the same....
Welcome to LEC - please introduce yourself
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Re: New elan owner in Ipswich

Postby HJ2 » Mon 10.12.2018, 11:08

Welcome aboard!
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Re: New elan owner in Ipswich

Postby steve matthews » Mon 10.12.2018, 15:16

Pictures are required. :clap:
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Re: New elan owner in Ipswich

Postby JusNoGood » Mon 10.12.2018, 15:26


Yes or no Elan :-D
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Re: New elan owner in Ipswich

Postby Giniw » Mon 10.12.2018, 15:39

:agree: :-D (and a few pictures of the 111S are welcome too! :poke: )
Hello and welcome Mariadz!
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Re: New elan owner in Ipswich

Postby Jamie N » Mon 10.12.2018, 18:03

Welcome aboard Adam :wink: .
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Re: New elan owner in Ipswich

Postby Steve A » Mon 10.12.2018, 18:09

:smt039 Welcome
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Re: New elan owner in Ipswich

Postby lotusflasherman » Mon 10.12.2018, 20:05

Welcome. I live near Hadleigh and have two Pacific Blue and one Collapso M100's. One PB is on SORN in a lockup with piles of M100 bits so let me know if you need anything.

When in Hanger 111 get them to do a geo' check. It will cost about £25 and let you know if your Elan is properly set up and if it will behave like an Elan should. I'm working in Slough Monday to Thursday but back in Suffolk for Fridays and the weekends if you want to meet up.. :cheers:

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