Hello from Barcelona, Spain

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Hello from Barcelona, Spain

Postby sborja38 » Mon 08.06.2020, 19:44

Hi there,

After reading the forum for a while, I decided to register. I started fixing a Kia Elan during this pandemic lockdown. What I thought it would be a disadvantage (not too many Kia Elan were manufactured and I think the Lotus is better built) it ended up being an advantage, as critical parts are shared with other Kia models (engine, brakes, some interior components, electronics...)

So far I've done many things and I've almost finished. I replaced the whole engine (from a Kia Sephia), radiator (same as the Lotus Elan), brakes, fluids, timing belt, water pump, fuel pump and filters, clutch, CV joints, rebuilt the headlight motors...

Now I'm looking for the A pillar seals, and some minor interior trim pieces.

Kia Elan
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Re: Hello from Barcelona, Spain

Postby Rambo » Mon 08.06.2020, 20:17

Wow, you have been busy. Well done sborja
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Re: Hello from Barcelona, Spain

Postby wayne » Tue 09.06.2020, 05:23

Your KIA Elan looks lovely and I see that you have already done a lot of work on it already, pleased to see that you are restoring the car to it's former glory.

If you need the KIA Elan parts manual let me know, But I see that you already know Ron & Don, both of them are experts on the KIA, so assume that they have already given it to you.

For A pillar seals try SJ Sportscars in the UK p/no: B100V0117F / B100V0118F - Currently listed at £68 ea. I may be able to help with some of the interior trim parts (if they are the Lotus ones).
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Re: Hello from Barcelona, Spain

Postby CallMeLegend » Fri 12.06.2020, 10:33

Barcelona....happy memories of our trip there two weeks prior to this lockdown madness took off.

Was one of the happiest trips of my life, beautiful city, friendly people, one of the few cities I think I could very happily live in my older years.
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Re: Hello from Barcelona, Spain

Postby cliff » Wed 24.06.2020, 02:10

Looks great.

I have spent quite a bit of time in Barcelona, one of my favourite cities.
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Re: Hello from Barcelona, Spain

Postby sborja38 » Fri 26.06.2020, 00:00

Thanks! Yes, its a great city, feel free to ping me if you travel to Barcelona.

I ordered the seals, the last thing I need is this door seal and the whole glovebox.
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Re: Hello from Barcelona, Spain

Postby Giniw » Fri 26.06.2020, 00:49

Hello and welcome to you sborja38!
You have been busy indeed, congratulations 8)
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Re: Hello from Barcelona, Spain

Postby BillMaroon » Tue 30.06.2020, 15:32

Hello there! I'm new too. Hope you're doing well.
What a great forum, I'm sure I'll find smth helpful here :cheers:
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