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Postby Dave Lucas » Mon 18.07.2022, 12:32

Hi All,
My name is David or Dave I joined in 2021 but never got round to introducing my self. I live in the Watford area near the Harry Potter Studios (every body seems to know this area lol). I have a White 1990 M100 SE, 150,000+ miles but has a very rusty front & rear suspension, (now under surgery). I am in the process of putting the rear suspension back together, then The front begins.
I do need some help on a couple of things which I will post later.
Dave Lucas
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Re: New Member

Postby exeterjeep » Mon 18.07.2022, 13:16

Welcome to M100 ownership. Only recently acquired mine.

I used to work at RR Leavesden 1978 until it closed - so before it became a film studio.
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Postby Tuga2112 » Mon 18.07.2022, 13:34


there are videos on youtube about working on the suspension of the elan.

I've made my own versions recently and they are in the process of being published. but there are also some older videos from the m100 restoration series that are pretty good that should help you.

that's just some links to guide you.

but as usual, if you have issues, you can always create yout own project htread and people will try t help there, or if you have more specific questions put them in the appropriate technical section of the forum
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Re: New Member

Postby David13 » Mon 18.07.2022, 15:37

Hi Guys
Thanks for the welcome, and advice for getting info I do like a visual makes understanding things so much easier.
Exeter jeep I worked for nearly all the flying schools as a mechanic, my last one was Leavesden Flight Centre also till it closed. Sad day I enjoyed it there.
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