M1 Southbound to Donington

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M1 Southbound to Donington

Postby RayD » Tue 29.01.2008, 22:06

Last year, a number of people (including me) had an extra 16 mile round trip down the A42 prior to finding their way to Donington – I somehow manage to emerge from a set of traffic lights on my way back and neatly fell into the convoy in colour coordinated order – I think it was Steve who let me in.

Could someone familiar with the area give us a blow by blow account on how to avoid an action replay – you won’t be able to over simplify it.


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Postby Enright » Tue 29.01.2008, 23:17

Coming Southbound, leave the M1 at Exit 24 (NOT 24A or 23A) and follow the A453 to East Midlands Airport, which is the 4th exit off the roundabout over the motorway. After a wicked LH bend coming off the roundabout the A453 runs parallel to the M1 for about a mile.

When you get to the big roundabout at the end of the long straight, take the 2nd exit and that brings you straight into the services. Or if you're late again, take the 3rd exit and try to hop on the back of the convoy! :D
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Neil ;-)
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Postby RayD » Wed 30.01.2008, 10:12

Thank you Neil.

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Postby bodders » Sat 15.03.2008, 11:59

What time at services?
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Postby GeoffSmith » Sat 15.03.2008, 12:13

Leaving 9:35. Get yourself on the list if you can make it.
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Postby G UK » Wed 26.03.2008, 21:50

Anybody coming down the M1 on the Friday for the Gupta?

If so I could join you for the last bit from J28 onwards. :-D
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Postby andyhaworth » Thu 27.03.2008, 19:52

A quick addition to this. Incase anyone hasnt been down the M1 recently, there's roadworks both North and South between J26 and J28 to widen the carriageway.

The important bit is that there's SPECS cameras in both directions with a speed limit of 50 mph. From vicious rumours heard by a mates mates brothers dog who heard it from the kennels, they dont give much leeway from an AVERAGE speed of 52 mph

So please be careful if you're heading through that way
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