Colour Co-ordinated Saturday Convoy - Logistics

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Postby Sy V » Fri 28.03.2008, 06:59

Please forgive me if I make a quick public notice, aimed at folk for whom this is their first Donington convoy.

I thought it best to remind/advise folk about this convoy.

It's a very short run-in with roundabouts traffic lights and some of it's even across gravel. The services in particular will be very busy with non-Lotuses, other Lotuses and pedestrians everywhere.

You will need eyes in the back, sides, top, and front of your heads - it's manic!

For simplicity I will put Stripey in the roadway within the car park in the corner furthest from the hotel, facing away from the petrol pumps fairly early, about 0925, I will then begin to roll all the way down that rear aisle to allow the other BRGs and NMs and following colours to form up behind me. I'll then make the loop around the front of the services building where all the pedestrian crossings are - with a view to dropping the clutch at 0935 at the exit to the services car park where we encounter our next problem; the roundabout.

What I'm trying to do here, is draw a picture of slow careful build up. Once we're out on the road the temptation will be to hammer it and look backwards at the ensuing convoy (it's a great sight) but please remember the cars in front of you. We have junctions, roundabouts, traffic lights and the pillocks in other cars to negotiate. The knock-on effect of me breaking gently (for whatever reason will be amplified immeasurably towards the middle and rear of the convoy - cars towards the rear may never reach 60 MPH. You may actually find yourselves coming to an apparently inexplicable halt whilst on the open roads - trust me here; it happens.

So the bottom line is... enjoy the moment, because it'll be over quite quickly, but above all don't lose concentration and keep focused on the car in front.

I'll probably drop this missive into the other convoy-related threads.

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Postby clemo » Sun 30.03.2008, 17:13



so from us (mod lot) a thanks to all of you lot that made the day possible and fun..

cheers guys LEC works because of everyone envolved


A Pat on the back for everyone...

see you all at stonleigh?

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