i got tango'ed

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i got tango'ed

Postby stevo » Wed 02.04.2008, 17:29

bloody cars!

i got 40miles from paisley and my sodding alternator packed in. me and the missus spend 3 hours waiting on a flatbed in a shitty wee one pub town before she was towed home. arse.
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arancio baby! thats italian for orange! i think?
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Postby Dave Eds » Wed 02.04.2008, 17:56

arancio baby! thats italian for orange-aid ;-)

Hethel it is then 8)
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Postby Enright » Wed 02.04.2008, 18:05

Fanta-stick! :lol:
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Neil ;-)
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Postby Nige » Wed 02.04.2008, 18:08

Hard luck Stevo, I may have been amongst those have fun at your expense at the Friday curry but I really feel for you. Look on the bright side (the orange side 8) ?) you don't have to wait until Donington 09 as we have the Lotus 60 at Hethel in Sep which has all the potential to be as good if not better. Heres hoping it's fixed and you're mobile soon.

We did discuss Easylan stickers and renaming you Stelvios...............
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Postby theelanman » Wed 02.04.2008, 18:25

really felt for you mate........there a special prize heading your way tho :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D
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Postby Monty » Wed 02.04.2008, 18:56

Bad Luck Stevo, everyone was waiting to see the Jasper :-D there`s always another time.

Dico is trying to organise a camping trip to the Lakes in June, be good if you can make it.
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Postby John_W » Wed 02.04.2008, 19:19

:( Where did it happen? Lesmahagow? Not a great stop-over.

Sorry to hear of your troubles - especially as you and Jules had negotiated a weekend pass away from the bairn (nice once in a while).

Have you sourced an alternator? If not, I have a Japspares one which I bought a couple of years ago when I thought mine was on the way out (it wasn't). I'm keeping it as a spare, but you can have it if you can't get another.

Mind you I think opinions are mixed about whether the Japspares ones are any good or not.

I'm currently aiming for Hethel in Sept as Nige suggests, so how about that instead?


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Postby rip » Wed 02.04.2008, 21:21

Unlucky Stevo. I know how you feel after my rad failed the day before Stoneleigh.

I notice you have posted on the British GP thread. I live close by. Maybe we could organise an LEC event in the closest major town (MK :D ) that weekend?
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e bay

Postby stonefish » Sun 06.04.2008, 09:32

there is a new alternator for sale on e bay if thats of any use to you???

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