Black S.E. Re-Shell & Chassis Continued...

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Re: Black S.E. Re-Shell & Chassis Continued...

Postby Mike Y » Sun 05.11.2017, 00:22

I am starting work again on JUFs Jimbobs unfinished concourse Elan.

The car came with just a bare painted windscreen frame. Has anyone got any photos of the route and how the drainage tubes are fitted down the A pillars. Any info/photos etc would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Mike
1992 SE Elan Black (Concours Restoration Ex Jamie Jimbob), Red Lotus elan SE Red (Project 2), Lotus Esprit S3 Red, Lotus Esprit S3 White.
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Re: Black S.E. Re-Shell & Chassis Continued...

Postby John_W » Sun 05.11.2017, 11:10

The routing of the pipe looks a bit Heath Robinson. There’s a drawing on page 73 of the 1991 Section BK Addendum to the Service Notes on “water ingress”. See .

My car has never had the tube, and I don’t think it’s worth fitting it, as the better solution is to prevent water getting onto the header rail in the first place by eliminating any gaps.

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