Painting my m100

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Painting my m100

Postby carlotus » Sat 11.08.2012, 18:29


I am going to have my Pacific blue m100
painted. I certainly intend to keep the stock
color as its my favorite color on these cars.
My question is, can anyone recommend a auto
body shop that is experienced in fiberglass?
I am in the states, specifically the Denver,
Colorado area.


Kinds regards

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Re: Painting my m100

Postby tigerdog » Wed 15.08.2012, 06:02

No specific recommendations for a shop (my Denver references are 20 years out of date) but I would reach out to the local Corvette club. I have to believe a 'vette club would be any US city's biggest resource for fiberglass bodywork and paint.
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Re: Painting my m100

Postby phuture » Fri 17.08.2012, 21:37

If there's no local Corvette club in your area, see if there's a vintage Meyers Manx club close to you. I would imagine they'd be able to recommend a body shop skilled in fiberglass repair / restoration.
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