Update on Work done.... in the past year

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Update on Work done.... in the past year

Postby texas2201 » Tue 28.09.2021, 22:56

Cam belt
Water pump
Spark plugs
Headlights... Lhd all four new
Headlight motors
Refurbished wheels
Replaced all shocks with AVO Coilovers
Replaced a load of brake pipes
Rebuilt Wilwood calipers
New Wilwood disks and pads
Couple of suspension arms
Loads of new bolts
Rubbed chassis down, had hole welded ...3 layers
All new coolant hoses
New map sensor
Rebuilt headlight control unit
New alternator
New belts
New wheel bearings all round
Timing reset
HALL Sensor
Adjusted headlights, adjusted headlights,adjusted headlights, adjusted headlights.... repeat until you have gone mad
Rebuilt handbrake... new rear caliper, adjusted handbrake, adjusted handbrake mechanic didnt attach spring properley... pinged across garage never to be seen again..... made new spring.... handbrake now works the best it ever has in 14 years
Passed German TÜV registered in Germany.... TÜV VERY HELPFUL ..... however.... they checked the chassis number on the rear outrigger, two of them.... tòok pictures of it , two of them, cross checked it with the sticker under the bonnet, two of them, took pictures, checked it against V5, COC,Mot's, two of them........then transposed the two last digits on the forms.... which gave me an issue when it came to the registration.......FFS

Now after all that love, attention and money..... I have a misfire again,,,, checked spark plugs.... good, leads good, replaced Map sensor.... code 34, checked tickivrr, took the coils and backing plate out.... cleaned everything made sure earth is good..... much better but on partial throttle I'm still getting a misfire??????

Any ideas..... suggestions.... all help gratefully received.....
"brakes are no good - they just slow you down" Fangio :-)
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