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The Flying Cat

PostPosted: Sat 14.01.2006, 14:06
by Sy V
Well, the new project car arrived today, so I thought I'd better start the thread...


Seats (yellow stripe) are already out, but rain's stopped play so I'm charging the battery.

PostPosted: Sat 14.01.2006, 15:18
by Monty
Good luck with u`r new project.

Are u going to keep the car road legal? or is this a trailer event thing-me-jig?

PostPosted: Sat 14.01.2006, 17:04
by Doug
nice colour choice :-D

PostPosted: Sat 14.01.2006, 17:18
by Monty
Be Kool to have a large cat graphic on there, maybe over the wing and bonnet :-D

PostPosted: Sat 14.01.2006, 17:21
by Sy V
Large Cat graphic will be on bonnet (hence the Flying Cat) and the car will not be street legal.

It appears to have a non standard exhaust too - let's hope it's bigger than OEM bore.

PostPosted: Sat 14.01.2006, 17:41
by Sy V
Here's my choice of tyre, to start with: ... 050bbc1ba2

Photo of the seat is here (Cobra, if necessary, are making me a bespoke runner for the Elan): ... aco_1.html

I can't chose the harness yet, because I'll have to see whether we need to attach the shoulder straps to the roll cage (MSA Regulations state that the shoulder straps must exit the rear of the seat at an angle <45° from the horizontal). The harness must also have 3" wide straps, not the normal 2".

The roll cage is being designed and built by Simon (Kuching) with input from Brian (MDB).

PostPosted: Sat 14.01.2006, 18:08
by philip_sloper
Looking forward to hearing more about proposed engine, suspension & brake specs!

PostPosted: Sat 14.01.2006, 18:21
by Sy V
Well, I've managed to reserve a 15" Willwood kit, thanks to ESM and Brian.

My intention is to improve the engine in incremental phases - I had all that work done (and expense paid) on Stripey and was then lacking the bollocks to track her in case anything happened to her.

So I want this baby stripped and equipped so that I can get some track time in ASAP.

Necessities are brakes, roll cage, seat and harness, plumbed fire extinguishing system, doors pinned shut and windows (bar the windscreen!) removed, external battery and fuel cut-off switches, separate starter/ignition button/switch, removal of steering lock and all other extraneous parts - too numerous to mention.

But, as they come off they'll go into the For Sale section.

PostPosted: Sat 14.01.2006, 18:44
by surfboardfiller
Sy V wrote:The roll cage is being designed and built by Simon (Kuching) with input from Brian (MDB).

I'm looking forward to seeing the design of rollcage, is it going to link with the existing windscreen cage?

A great project Sy :wink:

PostPosted: Sat 14.01.2006, 18:58
by Sy V
I wouldn't have thought so. I've seen two or three series of photos of Elan crashes where the so-called windscreen cage has bent (best case) or totally collapsed (worst case). Apologies to Maggie for the reminder!


PostPosted: Sat 14.01.2006, 19:08
by Monty
So u removing the headlights, roof, leaving the passenger out? what the regs on the fuel tank?

This is great, have u got a date for your 1st hill climb? Let us know and i`m sure the LEC gang to will turn up to support u :-D

PostPosted: Sat 14.01.2006, 19:15
by Sy V
Yep, seats headlights, carpets, consoles etc.
I believe that the bulkhead behind the seats is sufficient, but we are checking.
I need to qualify for my licence first then attend a number of accreditation events, then...

PostPosted: Sat 14.01.2006, 20:01
by Nige
Good luck with the project Sy. Same idea has been at the back of my mind for some time but I need both cars road legal and to be honest I simply don't have the time at present and need to clear a few other projects. Interested in the tyre choice and what you think of them once running as I fancy a set of R888s on 17" rims for track day use.

PostPosted: Sat 14.01.2006, 22:45
Looks like a lorra fun Sy, should be a great platform for developing some new parts...adjustable rollbars...lowering kits...brake bias etc etc.

Any chance you could keep track of the weights of things as they come off :)

Good luck :D

PostPosted: Sat 14.01.2006, 23:39
by Sy V
No problem.

Interesting I was thinking about adjustable proportioning valves too. As long as I start with the 85/15% ratio to begin with.

PostPosted: Sun 15.01.2006, 01:13
by stevo
weight reduction weight reduction weight reduction. be roofless ;-)

PostPosted: Sun 15.01.2006, 01:22
Who needs a windshield :twisted: ...

PostPosted: Sun 15.01.2006, 08:41
by Sy V
Whilst I know what you mean Brian (and I'm not dismissing your suggestion entirely), a lot of the Elan's identity and styling is supplied by the rakish angle and curve of the screen.

Without it, it tends to look somewhat kitcar-ish!


PostPosted: Sun 15.01.2006, 09:20
Alternatively... :poke:

PostPosted: Sun 15.01.2006, 09:26
by Sy V
Only an expat would have the audacity to wave artist's impressions of the M200 and a real Elan (albeit LHD) in my face - I'm gutted! ;-)

Having driven the M200, I can say that the visibility is awful, due to the blackened screen fairings and the roll bar is actually wooden!