Rear brake discs

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Rear brake discs

Postby peter123 » Mon 25.09.2017, 22:18

I have skimmed my rear discs, they are just on the 10.9mm minimum thickness, but there is still a slight bit of the pitting showing, so i could really do with another pair if anybody has any they would like to sell, not bothered if they are rusty so long as they have plenty of meat left on them as i have a lathe i can skim then on.
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Re: Rear brake discs

Postby johanvanboven » Fri 29.09.2017, 10:16

Hi, I have got a pair of them, they have about 15.000 mls, so almost unused.

Have changed them last year by separate hubs and discs.

PM me if you are interested.
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