Clemo's Jim Clark edition (1 of 6)

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Re: Clemo's Jim Clark edition (1 of 6)

Postby John_W » Fri 07.04.2017, 13:43

Rob P wrote:
GeoffSmith wrote:
Rambo wrote:…next year will be the 50th anniversary of his untimely death at Hockenheim … You're welcome to stay at my gaff 30 miles away.

Put me down for the spare bed. 8)

Hope they will have the museum finished by then, that would be a nice trip to make, last time they celebrated an anniversary of a Jim Clark happening I believe they ran some of his classic F1 cars in the street, amazing

Just received the Lotus Forums Newsletter which mentioned that the Jim Clark Museum in Duns is looking for donations to enable the refurbishment and extension plans. I hadn't heard that they were needing money to complete it and there are only two weeks left before the deadline.

Details are here .

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Re: Clemo's Jim Clark edition (1 of 6)

Postby clemo » Thu 20.04.2017, 19:21

Darran6969 wrote:Hi Clemo- is she behaving herself. First thing I did in 2000 was change the wheels to silver from yellow for an every day car they just did not work for me, second was a kenwood cassette player but that's a different story. Please keep me posted on photos of her.
From that reasonable man in Lincolnshire :D

Hi Darren ,
All is quite at the mo .. I only got back from Cambodia yesterday . Will do some chasing up on the progression tomorrow .
Glad to see you on here . Will keep in touch for sure .
Jim Clark S2 on the way . The one with the Yellow spoke wheels .
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