S2 #378 (Steve) - hopefully only light fixes

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Re: S2 #378 (Steve) - hopefully only light fixes

Postby dapinky » Tue 22.11.2022, 18:18

FunElan wrote:I'm betting that at the end of the day...it doesn't matter much, and whatever oil you use will be fine if you change it often enough. Glad to hear your engine is still healthy at over 100k miles. Mine has 57k and I'm nervous about it all the time!

One of the things that gives me hesitation with high oil pressures are our weak oil cooler lines. I'm aware that the defect is typically the crimps, but for some reason, I get nightmares of high pressure blowing the lines off. But then again, I'm irrational and nervous when it comes to everything breaking :bonk:

That's actually a valid thought, but I changed my lines and oil cooler a fair few years ago to a system which doesn't rely on 30+ year-old crimps.

Just the one now, but this one's mine! - and it will be finished eventually.....

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Re: S2 #378 (Steve) - hopefully only light fixes

Postby 378S2 » Fri 25.11.2022, 01:11

Well... no changes other than the date and my oil pressure is reading 5bar today. It does this from time to time, sometimes it reads a consistent 7 under load and sometimes a consistent 5. The pressure transducer isn't standard, so maybe I just need to get round to swapping that over but it's a pig of a job I'm not excited to start.
A bit of parallax going on, but it's reading 5bar today; no other changes.
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