Justin's I.B.10

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Re: Justin's I.B.10

Postby Fredjohn » Wed 29.04.2020, 09:09

It sounds like it was only half installed.
A short pipe leaves the fuel filler recess, connects to a plastic elbow, then a long pipe goes down to floor level and dangles outside just behind the line of the rear of the passenger seat.

I lay under the car with an air line and blasted the crud out the way it came in. The plastic elbow has a smaller diameter than the pipe, so it seemed more logical to do it this way.
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Re: Justin's I.B.10

Postby JusNoGood » Wed 29.04.2020, 14:26

Thanks. Yes darn it. Seems like its missing a bit. There is no way I can reach up to be able to clear it from below...I can see it just cant touch it. Perhaps if I remove all the plastic stuff I can get it it from above.
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Re: Justin's I.B.10

Postby Rambo » Wed 29.04.2020, 18:16

Just get an airline (or bicycle pump and football adapter) and blow from above ie inside the petrol tank flap. With luck it will blow it through the 90° connector. I clear both of mine every year and it works for me
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