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PostPosted: Sat 12.04.2008, 07:20
by GeoffSmith
Sy V wrote:Gary and my bits
Or sweet and sour pork balls as we call them. :-D

McMurph, the finances aren't in a bad state, but as Sy says, we're trying to improve the appearance of the LEC stall (quick round of applause for Nige and Gareth for the new backdrop at Donington), we need to buy some more stock (virtually out of mugs and no keyrings) and I'm not having one or two people continuing to pay the LEC domain fees ad infinitum.

PostPosted: Sat 12.04.2008, 07:44
by Sy V
'ad infinitum' - s**t, we've been paying the wrong hosts... I'll get me coat. :lol:

PostPosted: Sat 12.04.2008, 10:37
by Monty

May i ask roughly how much the domain fees are? as it might incourage more people to donate or those that have to give a bit more :?

Just a thought :idea:
Since there`s no charge for the membership what about a little charge on the parts/cars sold through LEC? ie 5 to 10% with a max of £5 charge :?

Only trying to help :(


PostPosted: Sat 12.04.2008, 10:40
by Sy V
Jay all constructive help and suggestions are welcome, mate. We appreciate it, really.

As you can see, I'm in the middle of a spring clean at the moment, so if you don't mind I'll get on with that.

Only one scare so far - thought I'd lost ALL Donington Pictures (this year's and the historical ones) - I wanted to move them to the non-technical area, but somehow they landed in the general area. Of course, I wasn't looking there for them and for a good 15 minutes whilst searching high and low in the non-technical area, I was a very sick bunny, believe me!

False alarm... phew!

PostPosted: Sat 12.04.2008, 11:28
by GeoffSmith

I still don't know how much they are - I keep asking and I still haven't got an answer. :poke:

Charging could generate some income but the down side is having to administer it (me!) and we're a step closer to membership fess, adverts etc. There is general agreement that fees and advertising will be avoided at all costs and I think that the totally non-commercial nature of LEC is one of its unique features. With very few exceptions, people have treated this site for what it is, which again is pretty unique on the money grabbing web of quick bucks. Some people on here are more commercially interested, but there have been some very generous offers from them. Others who have arranged group buys, one-off specials or merchandising have freely given their time, often funded the up-front costs out of their own pockets and willingly handed over any profit. This of course is over and above the generosity of people in general.

We are looking to spend a bit more to buy quality goods so, for instance, the backdrop at Donington will keep us going for many years and still look professional. This year is a bit out of the ordinary and hopefully once we're fully kitted out, we can relax and rely on the trickle of donations and income from merchandise to keep things ticking over.

Take a bow members of LEC - you've got something which is pretty unique and you should be proud of it.


PostPosted: Sat 12.04.2008, 11:32
by Sy V
The e-mails with all details are on the virus-infested PC. I'm hoping Doug has duplicates that he can send over.

PostPosted: Sat 12.04.2008, 11:47
by Monty

There`s no other site like LEC, from group buys to techincal advice and having a meet up at events, the only thing i can blame LEC on is my empty wallet :smt081

Oh well it was only an idea :roll:, what about a sticky in the sales section just asking if members who make a sale would they like to voluntary small donation and let them pay in to the LEC paypal account :? At least that way Admins/Mods don`t have to get involved :idea:

Full off ideas this week for some reason :? must be those tablets i`m on :smt120

PostPosted: Fri 18.04.2008, 14:16
by Elanlover
Bah! I go and try to make a nice postabout how wondersful the memebrs are, what we get out of LEC, how selfless the admin are, hwo we all need to support LEC financially.....................

And everyone's already beat me to it :roll:

What's the LEC donation PayPal e-mail? Do we have one yet?

PostPosted: Sun 04.05.2008, 22:50
by Ocean Blue
Hi Geoff, I'd like to make a donation to LEC funds. Can you send me the details of how I can do this please?
Thanks Phil

PostPosted: Wed 07.05.2008, 23:46
Ocean Blue wrote:Hi Geoff, I'd like to make a donation to LEC funds. Can you send me the details of how I can do this please?
Thanks Phil

And me


PostPosted: Sat 17.05.2008, 16:08
by BFG in the BRG
Hi, please can you also send me details, I tried using "contact us" but have had no reply, however I am impatient.

The site has saved me a few bob so far, although the WIKI's did not specifically tell me not to round off the bolt which holds on the cam belt tensioner pulley :roll: , or to be very careful not to let the gearbox drain plug slip out of the hole letting gearbox oil pour over the floor, after you have over filled it and only want to let about 200ml out :oops:


PostPosted: Sat 17.05.2008, 17:15
by muley
Please PM me details on how to pay.

Preferably a/c name, sort code and a/c number - so I can pay by phone



(who has just saved over £200+ from tips on here)

PostPosted: Sun 18.05.2008, 16:21
by vowler
I'll be back in the UK for a couple of months in July and will gladly make a contribution. Sending someone a cheque would be easiest but a direct payment into an account would also be fine. Just pm me the details and I'll sort it when I get back

PostPosted: Sun 18.05.2008, 19:27
by GeoffSmith
Sorry I haven't responded to everyones kind offers. Please bear with me and I'll get back to you when I have a bit more time.

Lec Donations

PostPosted: Mon 19.05.2008, 21:43
by Rodman
Please include me in how we donate.

PostPosted: Mon 19.05.2008, 23:27
by Elanlover
Geoff, I'll bring some fine pounds sterling with me for the LEC treasurey when I make it over for the Lotus 60th birthday bash.

PostPosted: Thu 22.05.2008, 22:51
by GeoffSmith
Jimbo, BFG, Muley, Vowler and Rodman: I'm going to try using the multiple PM facility that Al has set up to provide you all with details. If you don't get the PM, then please get back to me.


Sending a cheque

PostPosted: Sun 25.05.2008, 08:21
by The Ref

dapinky has sent me a cd with some info on it FOC ( thank you Dave) I would like to donate some money to the lec funds. who do i make the cheque out too also were do i send it ?


PostPosted: Sun 25.05.2008, 12:49
by The Ref
In the post tuesday Geoff thanks.


PostPosted: Sun 25.05.2008, 13:46
by GeoffSmith
Thank you Billy and Dave.