Rear Wishbones

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Re: Rear Wishbones

Postby Jeemy » Sat 17.01.2015, 17:49

As with the TCAs they turned round and said they'd now decided these were not viable to produce.

I got my parts back from them Friday, so they will go out to the other firm who quoted on the hubs Monday, this time I'll just send one, and we'll see where we go from there. In the next week or two I'll get the other and the remainder of my wishbones out to another couple of firms and work round the list until we get somewhere. I never got anywhere with the rubber bushings so we will have to go with the readily available poly bushings for these.
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Re: Rear Wishbones

Postby Signature » Sat 07.02.2015, 09:52

You looking fo these? These are from a group buy back in 2008.
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Re: Rear Wishbones

Postby m100hoods » Sun 07.06.2015, 20:59

Yes but cant find the old group buy from 2008
Can it be re ignited
Ideas please
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Re: Rear Wishbones

Postby FredFlanagan » Wed 25.10.2017, 21:12

Am I the only person still waiting for their wishbones ??
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Re: Rear Wishbones

Postby georgeguthrie » Mon 30.10.2017, 07:35


Both my next door neighbour (JohnB) and I (georgeguthrie) received our wishbones on Monday 23 October, I believe Jamie has had a few family and staff problems, but he is on the case and ours arrived well packed with the bushes pressed in and are an excellent job.


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Re: Rear Wishbones

Postby Rambo » Mon 30.10.2017, 09:20

Has this only just been resolved from the group buy in 2014 ? :shock:
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