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Re: Rear Wishbones

Postby par » Wed 21.02.2018, 15:48

Jeemy wrote:
NO 6 from "par"
I think you are giving him more credit than he is due around the organisational skills required to plan for this approach!

He is always on the verge of just sending, waiting on packaging, waiting on courier etc.

Those of us from the original group buy who paid up front (years in advance as it turns out) funded the tooling and production probably for his whole initial run allowing him to make a profit on the unreserved wishbones. It is disgusting that it turns out there are people from the group buy still waiting :cry: I was totally frustrated with the seller and it appears I was one of the lucky ones and only obtained one of the first sets by constantly badgering him, turning up at his unit etc.

I have said previously it is a shame it has turned out this way because Jeemy could have been a real asset to this forum as the wishbones are extremely good quality :banghead:

Sorry man, but who are you exactly? You're not George? You didn't turn up at my "unit" - nobody has apart from George. The people who paid in advance were 7 people @ £500 each or so, for a £25k production run. Hardly funding my lavish lifestyle.

I dont do bitch fighting on the internet however as you seem to be questioning my honesty I will reply to your comments:-

Who am I? - if you cannot work that out from the extensive list of 7 people that paid in advance I will leave that with you to ponder on as one of the mysteries of the universe :D

I think you will find I did turn up at your unit in Fenton Barns as you were failing to respond to emails, phone calls, PM's etc. I even obtained and tried other contact details after posting on here. The nice lady in the unit next door told me you hadnt been around for a while and delivery drivers were also trying to deliver stuff to you. She thought you were trying to get another workshop up & running at the time and she said if she did happen to see you she would let you know I had been trying to contact you!

You will also find posts on here from me being very complimentary around the quality of the wishbones having been one of the first to fit them, I have also responded to other threads on here that I did NOT think that you were dishonest in any way and suggested you were just poorly organised, your post above would tend to support this belief.

I do hope your personal situation gets better and you succeed in improving your communication and organisational skills as I have previously stated - you COULD be a big asset in keeping these special cars on the road!
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Re: Rear Wishbones

Postby CalElan » Wed 28.02.2018, 03:37

just a thread observer..
I know what it's like to get snowed under from taking on too many commitments then my personal life going to s**t..
I'm sorry for the situation with your wife, thats a hard one to work through.
If I lived closer I'd offer to swing by a couple of weekends and do what I could to help you get your head above water.

From my LEC dealings - I think most people here are extremely supportive and helpful. It takes 15 minutes max to drop in everyday and update where you are, with sending things out. No more excuses, people are asking for simple communication is all. If you can do that, a lot of the drama will fade away and you'll have less friction in your life.

I wish you the best of luck.
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Re: Rear Wishbones

Postby Simon_P » Wed 28.02.2018, 10:03


You have my sympathy for your home situation, but...

I have dealt with several people who run their businesses as you do and it makes me angry! - Just think for a moment the agro you are causing, we each have our difficulties it's called life! You are not making anyone else's easier.

Customers ! Who would have them? Unfortunately it is customers who put food on the table. I'm not sure why any of them should need to call you - It appears that in fact you should be calling them. Stop blaming other people
A correction - You put your number on in your signature because nobody could get hold of you previously, they still can't - I don't buy stuff from you because of that.
If you have got £25k of wishbones why can't you deliver 3 sets.
BSI certifying wishbones doesn't make sense....
You should have spent your time sending people things that they have paid for rather than writing your lengthy outburst which is frankly a discredit to you.

So how about doing something to fix it - You could for example set up a thread for "Things that Jeemy Needs to deliver or fix" then you could tick them off and we could all see that it is more than words.
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