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Re: Hoops

Postby Rambo » Fri 21.12.2018, 17:12

Giniw wrote:
Rambo wrote:I have 2 M100's that I run regularly. Guess which one I feel less vulnerable in :burnout:
The third one?

Nah. Rambo went 3 years ago :burnout:
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Re: Hoops

Postby Giniw » Fri 21.12.2018, 17:14

Even safer then! (awwww — indeed I remember now!)
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Re: Hoops

Postby clemo » Fri 04.01.2019, 21:36

Hoops Update.

Hello All

Spoke to Simon SPC regarding collection of moulds and computery stuff with the information on . Unfortunately he was in Norway . He will be back soon for a few days and then moving to Japan. With that in mind myself and Mr Pink will need to move quickly .

So the news is that we will be on the move soon , undertaking the UK tour to collect and centralise all the known parts of the Hoop project.

Will update when that has been done and we know exactly what we have .

till then thank you for you interest and patients.

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Re: Hoops

Postby simonbuk » Fri 04.01.2019, 23:28

Great news. I currently find myself (by choice) between jobs/careers so might be able to help at short notice. Also an estate car if the 'stuff' will fit.

Let me know if you need a hand.
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Re: Hoops

Postby Jamie N » Sat 05.01.2019, 12:26

clemo wrote:thank you for you interest and patients.

Dr Clemo I presume :D .
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Re: Hoops

Postby HJ2 » Sat 05.01.2019, 12:29

Looks promising!
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