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Postby dapinky » Thu 04.06.2009, 11:29

Whilst this may seem obvious to most, for the benefit of everyone I'd like to set a few ground rules for this section (and if anyone wants to know how to suck an egg, I can e-mail the instructions :lol: )

LotusElanCentral does NOT directly endorse or support any individual/supplier/item advertised for a 'Group Buy' - anyone joining such a list does so on the understanding that it is an individual decision as with any other marketplace, and LEC has no responsibility for the successful conclusion or otherwise of any arrangements.

1) ANYONE can organise a Group Buy - it is not the realm of the few who have done so in the past (or a Mod/Admin on the site).

2) There should be no minimum number of people involved, if only 2 want something, and it is still viable, then it will qualify as a 'Group'.

3) Generally, the person who is organising things will be at the top of any list (so everyone involved knows who to hassle when info is required!).

4) Only start a list if YOU are prepared to take some sort of role in the realisation of the project. (or if someone else on the list, WHO YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO, HAS AGREED TO TAKE ON SUCH A ROLE).

5) The commodity can be as simple as buying a few items 'off the shelf' to get a discount, or save postage - or can be a total 'New Build' of something to be fabricated - the only limitation is your imagination.

6) Do NOT assume that just because a Buy has happened in the past, that the original organiser will do so again (This has happened, with both positive and negative results, but is a bit of an imposition on the original person - eg Dave H has done a few runs of his shortshift, but you can't assume he will do any more without a polite request, the open forum is NOT the place for such a request, as refusal may cause some distress - we all have 'Real Lives' outside of LEC!

7) There may be minimum/maximum numbers imposed by the supplier, fabricator or organiser - please do not take offence if these are not met/exceded - and don't assume that you can squeeze in on the end of a list without a polite request to the organiser (again, NOT on open forum, please). - You know who you are :wink: :wink:

8) If there are no minimum/maximum numbers, then a cut-off date is usually a good idea (flexible at the organisers' discetion), as it gives everyone a chance to know how long they have to save up, or to make their own arrangements if they want something quickly.
There is nothing more annoying than getting to the minimum number, and finding out someone has dropped out because they needed the item last week for the MOT.

9) There are always valid reasons for opting out of a list - but please let the organiser know as soon as you can so that there is no 'over ordering' of items.

10) Do not just assume that the organiser is happy to ship things half way round the world without first asking - often there is a good chance that they will oblige, and 'expect' someone the other side to take on the responsibility of forwarding items locally - but an open offer is always better than an expectation.

11) Please make any payments expected in good time (or make your own arrangements with the organiser) - details should be available on the post whether EFT/PayPal/Cash/Cheque is preferred.

12) If LEC saves you a few £££ (or $$$), we all benefit - so you may wish to send a small %age to Geoff Smith (at purchaser/organiser discretion). If the organiser wishes to 'round up' the final cost to incorporate such a donation, then that is their prerogative - if you don't like the price you see, then don't join the list :evil:

13) Most of us are here as a 'hobby' and make nothing out of it (or even a loss :roll: ) - but remember that some do it as a business, so you can't expect them to do it at a huge discount (although many do!).

14) Go on, have a go! - You never realised how many other people actually NEED an 'Overflange Sproket Gromit Spanner' until you order one, and end up with a hundred and one to post!

Just the one now, but this one's mine! - and it will be finished eventually.....

go on - click this link - you know you want to!
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Postby Elanlover » Mon 27.01.2014, 17:01

Please review the Advice For Group Buy Organizers thread as well.
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