7 speed gearbox

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Re: 7 speed gearbox

Postby Ian T » Wed 29.10.2014, 21:25

Interesting. And sorry for continuing the joke thread...

I didn't realise that the Elan box has the same fitting pattern to the engine as the Vauxhalls of that (and as Dave says, later) era.

There would be a couple of options then...

A 5 speed box with longer gearing would either be a F25 from a V6 Vectra (not much of an improvement) or an F16(W) from something like a 1.7 diesel Mk3 Astra. The F16 is externally identical to the higher (torque) rated F20 used in cars like the Astra GTE 16v and it has become a fairly well known modification to take the 5th gear pair from an F16 and fit them to a F20 to get the higher (200 lb ft) torque rating and a long cruising 5th gear. As a mod, that is generally confined to those of us running V6 engines in our Astras. Might work on the a Lotus, I will have to look up the ratios and see if the other gears are useful...

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Re: 7 speed gearbox

Postby rip » Thu 30.10.2014, 13:17

My friends with V6 Calibras hate their F25 gearboxes citing the 2nd & 3rd ratios as rubbish (I think 2nd is too high & 3rd too low but I'm not too sure about that one.
The F26 is also longer than the F16/18/20/28 because the V6 has a shorter block than a 4 cylinder.
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Re: 7 speed gearbox

Postby Simon_P » Fri 31.10.2014, 01:00

Tuga2112 wrote: (i would suspect there would also be a higher top speed if you decided to risk your licence... or gone to germany)

Possibly not, from memory you run out of puff at about 130 mph (indicated) and underpants shortly thereafter!
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