Windscreen sun screen

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Windscreen sun screen

Postby wayne » Tue 29.08.2017, 22:14

Not sure if I should post this in the help wanted section or group buys.

It seems that after 10 years of use my BSPCA (Bahrain Society of protection of Cruelty to Animals). Sunscreen is finally on it's last legs and I need something new to replace it.
as they no longer sell replacements, and I can not find anything else that I consider a suitable replacement. So, trying to go for a custom design to suite the Elan.

Ideas so far are a full screen Elan silhouette, or a double logo Cat on skates with a black Lotus logo.

From early investigation. If I want a 1 off part, it is going to be expensive. If I want 25 or more then the price is more acceptable.

I'm happy to go it alone and have a 1 off part done for my car. But wondered if there was any interest from anyone else that would like one. Looking at the weather in the UK over the last few years a shower cape would be of better use.

Anyway, just though I would float the idea before having a 1 off made for my car. I'm happy to go with any popular Elan related idea providing it is not pink and does not have hello kitty written across it.

Anyone else up for one?
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