New Elise Debuts - World's Lowest CO2

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New Elise Debuts - World's Lowest CO2

Postby tigerdog » Thu 18.02.2010, 15:18

Styling is evolutionary, with more than a hint of Evora in the front. Certainly, the car has less of the "angry locust from outer space" look than before. ... world.html ... eva-debut/
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Re: New Elise Debuts - World's Lowest CO2

Postby nitroman » Fri 16.03.2012, 10:57

This will be a significant time without their least expensive/highest selling product on offer. Is this not a financial danger?

USA news:
Lotus Elise/Exige – The Lotus Elise and Exige left our market not because they were bad cars, but because their federal smart airbag exemption sadly ran up this year, banishing two of the most visceral and back-to-basics driver’s cars from our shores. All’s not lost however, as the next-generation Elise and Exige will meet federal regulations, and if you can’t wait that long, there’s always the track-only Exige S to hold you over for the next couple years.

Read more: ... z1pGtOWDkK
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Re: New Elise Debuts - World's Lowest CO2

Postby tb10 » Fri 16.03.2012, 20:56

I think that they have read the spec sheet incorrectly: :lol:

"less than 15 g of CO2/km" as it should be "155 g of C02/km" 8) ... world.html

ooops :mrgreen:
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Re: New Elise Debuts - World's Lowest CO2

Postby lotusgirlmarie » Fri 16.03.2012, 21:35

I like the " superchared" engine. :shock: Someone needs to invest in spellcheck. Still like the Evora front end better but, the Elise rear is still hott IMHO.
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