turbo "rattle" at idle, goes away when revved

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turbo "rattle" at idle, goes away when revved

Postby tedtaylor » Tue 01.11.2016, 15:09

51K miles, everest chip, completely stock otherwise, running perfectly fine.

When starting up cold, i'm getting a rattling noise from i think the turbo. I thought originally it was the engine tappets / lifters a bit noisy, but seems the rattle is coming from center of engine down low near turbo. When i rev the engine, or hold accelerator at higher than idle revs, the rattle disappears.

shield is secure.
any other ideas??
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Re: turbo "rattle" at idle, goes away when revved

Postby HJ2 » Tue 01.11.2016, 16:29

Are you really sure that all the shields are secure? :?:
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Re: turbo "rattle" at idle, goes away when revved

Postby simonbuk » Wed 02.11.2016, 13:29

Are you sure its a rattle and not a ticking noise ?

Could be an exhaust gasket leaking ?
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