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Postby lotusles » Tue 13.06.2017, 09:20

Hi, does anybody know this car and its history?
Its a white SE Turbo.

I purchase the car 18 months ago but sadly did not manage to obtain any recent vehicle history. However close inspection seems to suggest a recent timing belt (after I purchased a complete kit from America), new brake pads , painted yellow callipers and steel brake hoses. The turbo is polished and I now wonder if the waste gates been ported. I just wonder what other things might have been changed such as chips etc.

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Re: H731KPD

Postby Rambo » Tue 13.06.2017, 18:41

Les, I dont know of this car personally but I do know that your car hasn't been used much from year to year in the last 10 years or so. It also hasn't moved a wheel since last June so currently no MOT or tax

2006/2007 - 259 miles
2007/2008 - 13 miles :shock:
2008/2009 - 399 miles
2009/2010 - 326 miles
2010/2011 - 140 miles
2011/2012 - 680 miles
2012/2013 - 1934 miles
2013/2015 - 83 miles (2 years)

Regarding chips, have a look at the seal on the ECU. If it is broken you will very likely have a chip (very easy to spot the chip anyway)

Re. the cambelt change, how do you know ? Have you attempted to change it yourself and spotted what looks like a new belt ? From memory, it should be every 5 years and 50,000 miles (I think ?) I think you can dispense with the mileage thing in your case so every 5 years is recommended

Re. wastegate porting... if it is 20, 21 or 22mm, it will have been ported. Incidentally is your car fitted with a wide bore, free flowing exhaust ? The reason I ask is that if you have a small bore or stock looking exhaust it is unlikely that the former owner(s) will have bothered with wastegate porting
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