MOT exemptions.......

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MOT exemptions.......

Postby tb10 » Fri 22.09.2017, 12:12

Hi All,

Not sure if this has been posted but we'll be waiting a decade until some of us can take advantage! ... s-may-2018


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Re: MOT exemptions.......

Postby rip » Fri 22.09.2017, 12:55

I don't like that idea very much.
MOTs inspect areas not usually checked by regular servicing, even a hand-on owner of a classic. There are exceptions who do inspect such areas but this would leave many vehicles unchecked.
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Re: MOT exemptions.......

Postby Nickydee » Fri 22.09.2017, 12:58

But is it really an advantage.

Be under no illusions this more to do the fact the D of T cant come up with a suitable format of the test to encompass cars that are 3 yrs old and those over 40 yrs old rather than helping out classic car owners.

In broad terms, many owners rely on the test as a regular check on the roadworthiness of their car, even if on occasions the experience can be a little frustrating for example annual advisories for slight play in the rear hubs on our Elans. Unless you have access to a ramp and to some extent rollers, it almost impossible to quickly assess the roadworthiness of your car.

I would prefer to see a test with a reduced scope and perhaps reduced standards but tailored towards the safety aspects of older cars to ensure that they are at least as safe as they were when new.
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Re: MOT exemptions.......

Postby GeoffSmith » Fri 22.09.2017, 13:41

And in these litigation mad times, what happens when a classic car is in a serious accident due to something that would have been picked up by an MoT?
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Re: MOT exemptions.......

Postby Fredjohn » Fri 22.09.2017, 14:41

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the owner to maintain their car to roadworthy standards. Even now, the MOT is only a statement of condition at time of test, and not subsequently.
Despite the new laws though, classic car owners will still be able to submit their cars for an MOT voluntarily.
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Re: MOT exemptions.......

Postby dapinky » Fri 22.09.2017, 15:10

Well, this will affect me (and some others on here) as we also own cars in that age bracket.....

..... whilst i do pride myself on keeping my cars in good condition, the fact remains that old steel will rust, and often go either un-noticed, or just ignored if there is no annual check.

I scrapped my track car Triumph as the rust in the bulkhead got terminal and it required far more work than could be easily seen - and certainly more than could be got at without a major dismantling.

Whilst it only really went from home to track and back again, it wasn't structurally sound enough for my use, so it went. With this scheme, many such cars can be 'legally' driven on the road if the driver claims ignorance of the condition - I can see the courts being kept busy with this one.

Realistically though - I also own another car which lives in storage and comes out twice a year - once for the MOT and once for a day at Castle Combe - it has never had so much as an advisory, and (due to the age) is exempt from most of the MOT testing points. The test takes 15 minutes (lights, tyres, horn, wipers, brakes, steering, structural rust) and could be seen as a total waste of time & money........

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Re: MOT exemptions.......

Postby clemo » Fri 22.09.2017, 15:12

On the incontinent MOTs are every 2 years . This may have been a wiser idea . But the onus is still on the owner to keep the vehicle in a roadworthy condition . What sheds can be bought that are 40 years old ?

Either something wrecked or something decent if it is a shed then one would have to be a compete idiot to risk their own life to drive it .
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Re: MOT exemptions.......

Postby stevie-a » Tue 17.10.2017, 21:31

For UK owners
what do you think ???
Proposed Changes to exemption of vehicles from MOT
Email By Stuart Graham
Proposed Changes to the exemption of vehicles from MOT and the impact on vehicles having been modified
Good afternoon, You may or may not be aware, but the government are proposing that the age for which vehicles of historic interest become exempt from MOT will now be pre 1978 (40 years old) from the 20th May 2018. This proposal is not the whole story however. Vehicles pre 1978 which have been ‘modified’ may now no longer be MOT exempt and may actually require to be inspected to a much higher level as would a new car and lose their period registration number, being allocated a ‘Q’ plate.
I have been dealing with this on behalf of our club, contacting various organisations within government and interested bodies as this has a potentially devastating impact on the classic car environment, with the potential to turn many classics into valueless commodities or be left to rot in garages as it will cost too much to bring these vehicles into line with the new regulations. Basically, having spent many hours reading all the links below, I have put forward an argument that the governments proposed legislation for ‘modified classics’ is not fit for purpose. As a starting point there is an on line petition which is to try and stop the historic registration numbers being removed.
Here are links to the proposals and the new legislation which I have based my arguments on.…/news/_ar…/122/statement-from-fbhvc/…/radically-altered-vehicles…/vehicles-of-historical-interest-substa… ... tents/made…/pub…/built-up-vehicle-inspection-report
I have sent my letter to the following in an attempt to get this ludicrous proposal changed. (not the 40 year MOT exemption, no issue with that)
Chris Grayling MP, Secretary for State for Transport
John Hayes MP, Minister for State (Transport).
Humza Yousaf MSP Minister for Transport & the Islands
Rt Hon Lord Steel, Classic Car enthusiast
Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC).
Scottish Vintage Vehicle Federation (SVVF) (John Hyman)
Practical Classics
Classic Cars magazines.
Also &
I had also contacted the SVVF whom I feel, as the member body for Scotland should be doing this, found out that a) they hadn’t done anything up to last weekend, at least not contacting member clubs about it and b) Following me raising issue, they raised it as an agenda item for last Sunday’s meeting. I currently await their reply.
I am starting to contact classic car clubs across Scotland to petition all of the above before it’s too late. I urge you to, if you haven’t already, to inform your members of this as it may have an impact on their vehicle, either it’s roadworthiness and or its value. If we could also pass this information onto as many classic car owners as possible, it would be appreciated
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Re: MOT exemptions.......

Postby dapinky » Tue 17.10.2017, 22:12

clemo wrote:..... if it is a shed then one would have to be a compete idiot to risk their own life to drive it .

O how I laughed when I think of some of the vehicles I have seen you piloting :lol: :lol: (whilst trying to keep my own running on the same trips)

Just the one now, but this one's mine! - and it will be finished eventually.....

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