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None starter

Postby Keithohara » Thu 03.10.2019, 08:41


My None turbo was running fine but over a couple of weeks it went from running bad and cutting out to not starting a all no error codes the 12 flashes as everything is fine. .

Things I’ve done:-
Checked fuel and pump, all working fine. But replaced fuel filter as it was due anyway.
No spark from coil so checked the coil supply and found to be getting 11.5 volts and 9ish when cranking engine. So replaced coil but didn’t start.
Replaced ECU, car didn’t start.
Replaced leads. Car didn’t start.
Replaced complete distributor for new including pickup coil, module dissy cap from RockAuto in USA

Car started and ran for about 5 minutes then coughed and stopped. No longer starts.

Any suggestions???
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Re: None starter

Postby Simon_P » Thu 03.10.2019, 17:18

When was the fuel filter last changed?
When it doesn't run
Are you getting a spark?
Are you getting fuel?
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Re: None starter

Postby Rambo » Thu 03.10.2019, 17:23

Immobiliser ?
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Re: None starter

Postby muley » Fri 04.10.2019, 15:04

Broken cambelt? Timing way out?

Take a plug out ~ check you are getting a spark and smell of fuel when you turn engine over.

Check the timing is OK. Is #1 at TDC in sync with TDC on crank pulley.

Probably best to do some basic analysis before replacing stuff willy-nilly ;)

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Re: None starter

Postby Keithohara » Sun 06.10.2019, 22:04

Guys based in Bromsgrove about 100 yards from Paul Matty. I’ve been working through the none starting with advice from mattys, at first i could not get it booked in at Paul Mattys as they are full with work so took it to a local garage and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong, then as I was in the RAC I tried them, they couldn’t get a spark and couldn’t figure out why.
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