Missing Heater Valve

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Missing Heater Valve

Postby lotusrepair » Sun 06.10.2019, 03:06

What heater valve fits the car? Thanks to Ted at the garage tour today for letting me poke around his car. I had a vac line in the engine bay that was not hooked up. Looking at his very nice m100 I found the same line connected to a heater valve. On my car there was no valve. A previous owner must have removed it and there is a straight coupling where the valve should be. Now to fix it. So what valve fits in that area? There are many generic valves but do they fit?

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Re: Missing Heater Valve

Postby GeoffSmith » Sun 06.10.2019, 08:38

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Re: Missing Heater Valve

Postby donsladek » Sat 12.10.2019, 23:18

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Re: Missing Heater Valve

Postby PJR-Elan » Sat 07.12.2019, 22:50

I have just discovered the same - PO fitted nice new hoses and one has a connector in the middle where I believe this valve should go. The car also had no thermostat and a probable failed Head gasket when I bought it as a project car.

I wonder if the old valve was a rusty metal one and on the day the PO just decided to connect the hoses rather than get a new valve?

Unlike you Chris, I can’t see a loose vacuum pipe. I’m not sure if it’s been blanked off, or what. If you trace yours from the valve, where does it go? On the schematic it looks like it goes through the bulkhead somewhere in the middle rather than via the corner near the coolant tank. does that sound right to you?


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