Adjusting Drivers Door

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Adjusting Drivers Door

Postby Tommy J » Sun 05.04.2020, 08:25

Has anybody had the joy of trying to align panel gaps, surfaces etc on a door?
I have my first ever lotus. The driver's door has been messed with. The top of the door is sticking out slightly from the front wing and the bottom in. The sunken line running along the car doesn't line up. The front of the door is too low but the back is in line on this detail. Oddly the shut line along the bottom of the door is parallel yet the hinge shut line goes from circa 7 mm down to 3mm. Is this just how it is with Lotus and shut lines? The glass when sliding down hits the steel cross member in the door and has broken the back of the butterfly and the slider. Both I have now replaced.
I am trying to get the door so panel surfaces are at flat with each other which I think will mean I can lean the window out more thus missing the cross member. But please can anyone tell me the different adjustment points. Up down in out. I think the in out is simply the slotted bracket on the hinge perpendicular to the door post. I haven't found up down nor back and forward.
Thanks in advance
Tommy J
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Re: Adjusting Drivers Door

Postby clarky5150 » Fri 08.10.2021, 18:11

Would love this info also.
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Re: Adjusting Drivers Door

Postby lotusflasherman » Fri 08.10.2021, 20:31

It's in the Lotus Service Notes. Section BK is Bodywork and BK1 is Door Assemblies.

Service Notes can be downloaded by clicking on [Manuals] - just above ^

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Re: Adjusting Drivers Door

Postby Simon_P » Mon 11.10.2021, 23:17

I've needed to adjust the door, but it looks like shims under the hinge and slotted holes for the bolts.
An error that appear frequently is the topshell being too far back, and high at the back. This makes the gap at the top of the door too close and tapered.
The A panel doesn't fit, you're stuck with an overhang at the front of the cill and the gap needs to be big enough not to clash with the door.

The B pillar and the cill are fixed so get the gap and flush right there and the door is correctly positioned.
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