Looking for Magnetic Pick Up part number?

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Looking for Magnetic Pick Up part number?

Postby Add_Lightness » Tue 22.02.2022, 20:29

Hello everyone. I have been scouring the internet for the magnetic pick up sensor part number for the M100 and have had zero luck. Reached out to a lotus dealership as well and didn’t have much luck there either. Does anyone happen to have any information whether it be a part number or even a suitable replacement part number? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Looking for Magnetic Pick Up part number?

Postby FunElan » Wed 23.02.2022, 02:43

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Re: Looking for Magnetic Pick Up part number?

Postby Rambo » Wed 23.02.2022, 08:45

I think these HES's are much cheaper via Lotus Aftersales. ~£20 IIRC??
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Re: Looking for Magnetic Pick Up part number?

Postby HJ2 » Wed 23.02.2022, 14:52

If you feel very lucky:

Pry off the conformal coating that hides the tiny PCB
Re-solder all connections
Cover everything in good quality epoxy again.

I fixed 2 like this, the solder joints are dodgy after all these years...
(... or was it the HES?...)
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Re: Looking for Magnetic Pick Up part number?

Postby Fredjohn » Wed 23.02.2022, 16:44

All above advice is good. Take your pick!

However, as a semi-direct answer, the parts manual is on this forum in the Manuals section, visible once signed in.

An online parts catalogue is also available at deroure.com.

sjsportscars.co.uk also have a helpful website where you can find most available parts.
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Re: Looking for Magnetic Pick Up part number?

Postby Rocklobster » Wed 22.06.2022, 21:43

Hi, I wondered if you managed to find a replacement part for this as I have the same problem.

Any thoughts or advice appreciated.


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