How old is old for tyres?

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Re: How old is old for tyres?

Postby Saltire » Tue 08.11.2022, 23:29

Hector2021 wrote:My concern now is do i trust the garage to understand how to jack the car up, or do i risk teaching them to suck eggs and explain the risks of getting it wrong and actuality of how to jack the car up?
If i say nothing and they make a pigs ear of it i could be left with some expensive damage. How have others dealt with garages working on their cars?
In actual fact im a little confused myself as to the correct method since WikiLEC states that on the S2 you should only use the FRONT jacking points in the sill area. I guess the rear should be jacked using the suspension connection points only?

Whatever you do, DON’T let them use a trolley jack under the front prongeron. They’ll bend it. There’s meant to be a “do not jack here” sticker on it, but they often drop off (I’ve had some new ones made and can let you have one if required).

I’ve never jacked up the rear of the S2, but I do put it on a 2-post lift, so I can work on the rear suspension, and it’s fine. Most of the weight is carried through the front two jacking points anyway.

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