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Postby Steve_P » Sat 22.07.2006, 12:47

Great thread!! :D

ExFastcat is it really true that the car is shorter than originally designed because of a drawing office co*k up! Did any of the prototypes have the longer wheelbase??
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Postby clemo » Sat 22.07.2006, 13:14

drive shaft fell out !!!!
it must have been a lotus test car !!!!!!
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Postby Enright » Sat 22.07.2006, 17:20

Steve, the answer to your question is in F1 LOTUS's post on this page.

Clemo, didn't Stevo have the same problem?
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Neil ;-)
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Re: Development M100s

Postby Specky » Wed 07.12.2011, 21:29


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Postby Brit-Car-Nut » Tue 30.05.2017, 19:59

Doug wrote:Well, I clearly remember one was black and owned by David Schmid in SE USA and he converted it to his track car. Another was a yellow one used in the old "Honey I Shrunk The Kids" movie and then chucked into the Universal backlot . . .

I know this is an old posting, but just to correct a bit of wrong info, Dave also owned I.B 2. It was a silver, right hand car and that is the one he converted into his (NMY) race car. His black M100 was the first LHD M100 brought to the USA for a National Car Show and then was used by Lotus for testing and eventually was Doc Bundy's "loaner" car while he was racing for Lotus. Doc returned it to Lotus and they replaced the motor and sold it to Dave. Because of it's history, Dave convinced Lotus to give him the original engine which he eventually rebuilt with all Lotus parts (he had been scrounging their shelves for years) to return it to it's proper credentials.

I just thought it would be nice to set the record straight...
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Re: Development M100s

Postby andyp » Mon 24.07.2017, 18:26

Here is IB4 in its original incarnation - could explain the chassis id anomaly Dave!!
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