That Greasy Black Stuff

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That Greasy Black Stuff

Postby Simon_P » Sat 04.03.2023, 22:29

There are often posts here and on Facebook where people are cleaning off the nasty greasy black stuff to reveal that the chassis is "luckily" fairly rust free.

Just to note that the nasty black (brown) stuff is usually Dinitrol, which was the basis of Lotus' 8 year anti-corrosion warranty; hence the "remarkably good condition". It cost more than £1000 to put on.

They rust pretty quickly without particularly at the rear.

The Dinitrol application scheme is in Dapinky's manual site.
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Re: That Greasy Black Stuff

Postby dapinky » Sun 05.03.2023, 12:43

I have to admit, during the ongoing project I am removing quite a lot of "nasty black stuff" around the suspension units....

..... as a result, I have only had a couple of seized bolts (the ones through the top wishbone - and they are pretty much a given to be seized in any Elan that hasn't been dismantled recently!) and only minor surface rust to clean/paint.

The condition of the outriggers and jacking points (all documented elsewhere, with pictures) are testament to the quality of the Dinitrol regime, needing only minor patching repair to one side, and nowt to the other.

The dinitrol is quite simple to remove - scrape the flat bits, use paraffin in the parts washer to dilute the remainder, brush with an old toothbrush - job done.

Transfer the parts to "normal" degreaser to get shot of the paraffin, dunk it in hot water, let it all dry.

Then you get a clear view of the condition of the metal - apply phosphoric acid where required, rinse it off after it's done it's stuff, then paint it with epoxy chassis paint.

Reassemble in due course.


(That said, has anybody got any experience with Lanoguard - it looks like a quick and simple system, albeit that it needs a yearly top-up. I like the fact that it isn't "black" but clear, so you are better able to see what is happening underneath it.)

Just the one now, but this one's mine! - and it will be finished eventually..... - but also temporary custodian of a project until it is finished enough for Angie to drive it

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