Unkown poteniometer. First post

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Unkown poteniometer. First post

Postby Mayviary » Wed 03.08.2022, 13:24

Just bought a 91 car and have a couple of questions.
There is what looks like a poteniometer mounted in a hole in the body above lh suspension stut.
Possible tuning mod?
Also i might have a boost problem.
Ive checked the gauge and it agrees well with a mechanical unit and tested the waste gate actuator with a bicycle pump and it seems to work fine.
The only time i see any boost is when my foot is on the floor i get nothing at all other times eg half throttle and hhigh speeds 100mph +
I was expecting a bit more go.
Have ordered serial to usb interface so cant yet try elanscan, cant hear air leak. Is the a joint inside the inner wing?
Enjoing the car so far.
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Re: Unkown poteniometer. First post

Postby lotusflasherman » Thu 04.08.2022, 11:53

Can you post a photo of it? I know of no potentiometer fitted there by Lotus. There were some DIY options 'in the early days' to increase boost pressure by various means - one was to create a controlled leak on the tube that communicated Boost Pressure to the ECU and opened the wastegate, another was to add external control to the Turbo Boost Control Solenoid Valve. They all used the standard mapping of the ECU, so were hazardous at high boost, and became irrelevant when Mountain Chips appeared.

I would suspect your boost problems may well be associated with the potentiometer so suggest you identify what it is as the priority.

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