Replacement Shift Cable Kit for ALL versions

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Re: Replacement Shift Cable Kit for ALL versions

Postby Willie Miller » Wed 28.12.2016, 17:15

Forgot to post and say thanks... Short Shift and cables were ace, much sharper change of gear ....
Thanks again
Willie Miller
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Re: Replacement Shift Cable Kit for ALL versions

Postby Brit-Car-Nut » Wed 28.12.2016, 17:18

Happy that you like them. Have a good New Year!
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Re: Replacement Shift Cable Kit for ALL versions

Postby B_land » Fri 21.07.2017, 12:11

Had the cables including short shift for a while, now fitted, great upgrade no sloppiness and quicker changes. Should have fitted these earlier. Recommended.
Thanks BCN
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Re: Replacement Shift Cable Kit for ALL versions

Postby ecb056 » Wed 21.04.2021, 15:18

Retirement Sale:
You may want to consider acquiring one of the last sets of Shift Cables with the Short-Shift kits manufactured by BCN.
I have a set and I enjoy the quick-crisp gear changes whether I’m competing, enjoying the switchbacks of WV or at the corners of Hell, MI.
BCN has over 1,200 additional new and used parts in stock for the M100 available and his health is now pushing him to retire. When he does, this value-added M100 source may soon be unobtainium. Contact the []Parts Director[/url] at
The BCN Cables were easy to install and the directions supplied were simple to understand. My kit has performed flawlessly since 2015. I have always found BCN to be knowledgeable, helpful, responsive and fair priced as he has a personal love for the M100, and when he moves onto his next adventure will be sorely missed. Cheers!
Eddy B
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