modern coolant

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modern coolant

Postby kbee » Sat 22.05.2021, 16:23

Hi Fairly new to Lotus on a tight learning curve , I have to change my bottom hose as it is in poor condition . What coolant should I use ? always had alloy engines in the past cheers in anticipation
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Re: modern coolant

Postby Simon_P » Sat 22.05.2021, 17:36

bog standard Blue changed every 2 years.
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Re: modern coolant

Postby Rambo » Sat 22.05.2021, 19:02

Nae OATS for kbee :lol:
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Re: modern coolant

Postby Motocompo » Thu 17.06.2021, 19:25

BASF Glysantin G48
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