Replacement cooling fans

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Replacement cooling fans

Postby Brianabbot » Sun 14.04.2019, 08:37

I have had to replace my cooling fans as the shrouds have rotted through and the fans sound like they are going to take off. I found some on eBay where you mount through the rad and ordered them but found the mounting holes are in exactly the same place. You have to do a bit of trimming as the top is rounded but at £28 it’s really cheap. The weight difference is huge compared to the old fans and they are much slimmer. Anyway just thought I’d share as it’s such a coincidence that it all lines up. I don’t know about the quality but as I only did about 200 miles last year in the dry I’m sure they will be ok for a few years :D ... 1320102211
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Re: Replacement cooling fans

Postby johnj » Thu 22.08.2019, 20:19

I need a new fan and am wondering if there is any benefit buying one from sjs or the cheap one off ebay?
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Re: Replacement cooling fans

Postby Simon_P » Fri 23.08.2019, 00:08

With fans you get what you pay for - Good ones are about £120 each

The Early 4 blade big metal shroud fan was from the Renault parts bin, its later replacement was a Kenlowe aftermarket fan with some of the lugs cut off. Aftermarket fans have fairly standard sizes and mountings (you buy them by diameter and power). The expensive ones are quieter, balanced and have fan blades moulded to size. The cheap ones are noisier, vibrate and have roughly cut fan blades.
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