A/C Switches from dash to Feet

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A/C Switches from dash to Feet

Postby lotusrepair » Mon 16.09.2019, 23:48

When i accelerate the air from the dash vents changes to the floor. As the engine trims off the dash comes back. Might be a vac leak or a non return valve not holding. Anyone run into this?

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Re: A/C Switches from dash to Feet

Postby Fredjohn » Tue 17.09.2019, 12:14

Apart from what you suggest, it may be the plastic actuator rods: they have a joint in them (a bit like your knee or elbow). If this joint comes apart the vents may just flap around, reacting to the highest airflow.

Or one of the vacuum pipes has actually come off it's fitting.

Take a look at the various diagrams in the WSM, bearing in mind the slight differences between the 4 (Page PE14c) and 6 (Page PE15) position versions.
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