New car delivered today

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Re: New car delivered today

Postby tb10 » Fri 15.10.2021, 21:05

Most odd poster all round really.

Has anyone on the forum met him? Has anyone seen his museum piece / now sold yellow car or even saw it advertised for sale?

Probably not.

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Re: New car delivered today

Postby muley » Sat 16.10.2021, 08:33

Poor car.

Probably worth trying to rescue with reinstated standard suspension, air intake, hose clips and a Piper exhaust.

PM me with a price if you are interested in selling
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Re: New car delivered today

Postby Steve A » Sat 16.10.2021, 09:54

muley wrote:Poor car.

Probably worth trying to rescue with reinstated standard suspension, air intake, hose clips and a Piper exhaust.

PM me with a price if you are interested in selling


Sounds like this car was poorly maintained and set up (by the super duper mechanic), he then moaned but failed to have the faults corrected, took it for a spin, and then gave up on the car.
Deciding all M100's are "a bag of shite" after owning (but not driving) 3, speaks volumes.
Having a Lotus pension doesn't necessarily give you the authority to disrespect it, if maybe you was a test driver, but he clearly wasn't :lol:
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Re: New car delivered today

Postby Rob P » Sat 13.11.2021, 10:21

Looks like this car is back on the market, not many with yellow carpets and roll hoops which are none functioning. Looks tidy but after all the bad press he gave it maybe one to steer clear of. ... 8fx&page=1

And yep I'm still loitering on this forum, have to say I do miss the M100 and maybe there is an itch that still needs scratching, seen a few decent cars but nothing that fits the bill yet, still enjoying the Elise and the Elan S4 but neither would be considered a full blown daily, the M100 certainly would with a decent hardtop in place.

Still one of the best forums for info on a specific marque and always will be :cheers:

Hope you guys are all keeping well :D
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Re: New car delivered today

Postby dapinky » Sat 13.11.2021, 11:32

Maybe someone far more cynical than I would have an opinion whereby the OP is a bit of a Walter Mitty, and maybe has never owned an elan, let alone 3 of them....

... it is pretty unusual for any member on here to be around for 10 years and never be seen, or any of their cars being pictured somewhere....

Maybe, that cynical old git would suggest that this car was purchased and became part of a private collection, and is now being sold on..... and has nowt at all to do with the OP other than a bit of an acquaintance?

*If* there were any form of truth in that surmise, then perhaps the car isn't as bad as written, and it may be worth looking at (for someone) - but either way, it hasn't been driven properly for a fair while, so would need a decent inspection to discern it's actual value/potential.

Just the one now, but this one's mine! - and it will be finished eventually..... - but also temporary custodian of a project until it is finished enough for Angie to drive it

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Re: New car delivered today

Postby steve matthews » Sat 13.11.2021, 16:43

I have said this before don't denigrate the rest of us because you don't like what we like ( just leave).
I have owned 2 and would buy a third. :poke:

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Re: New car delivered today

Postby HJ2 » Mon 15.11.2021, 09:46

* double facepalm*
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