Kia Elan in Korea (Danyang)

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Kia Elan in Korea (Danyang)

Postby Daniel Kang » Fri 14.01.2022, 14:50

Kia elan in Korea.jpg
I'd like to introduce Kia Elan in Korea thru YouTube.
Please enjoy it and share your feedback~~^^. :D
B.Rgds, BK Kang.
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Re: Kia Elan in Korea (Danyang)

Postby peter canepa » Tue 30.05.2023, 01:08

Hello Elan Kia,
Thanks for posting.Great movie on you tube. Happy to our car thriving in the world.
Damm this car looks good
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Re: Kia Elan in Korea (Danyang)

Postby Tuga2112 » Tue 06.06.2023, 10:08

i like those rear lights. are they the original Kia ones ?
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Re: Kia Elan in Korea (Danyang)

Postby dapinky » Tue 06.06.2023, 11:46

Tuga2112 wrote:i like those rear lights. are they the original Kia ones ?

Yes they are - but they are in 2 pods each side..... the 'outer 3' lamps are in a pod which is the same size as the Lotus ones (the 2 units are interchangeable, and some people here managed to obtain and fit them when it was possible to just buy them - which is no longer the case) - the inner ones contain the reversing lamp and fog lamp (IIRC, it's been a while since I saw some).

In order to fit them to a UK car you have to ditch the inner lamps otherwise you can't fit a number plate, and then add any other lamps elsewhere are required to comply with UK regulations for the age of the car.

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