Frost Silver Federal with new blue soft top

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Frost Silver Federal with new blue soft top

Postby FunElan » Wed 19.01.2022, 02:34

Hi all,

Have posted this on social media, but wanted to include here as well. I had a navy blue soft top fitted to my Elan recently and I'm happy with how it came out. Once my wheels are refinished, I'll be done with cosmetics, for now.

Photos here in my google folder (scaling down images to 512 kb is a lot of work): ... i41Zojhsty

I also took some walkaround and in car video yesterday:

Something in the roof mechanism is still not adjusted right, the rear bars won't straighten out under tension unless I manually make them, and when I do, the mechanism above the window caves down, so I have the windows open an inch most of the time. I'm assuming I'll have to remove the b pillar trim and mess with the spring tension there?

Cheers, and happy motoring!
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