Giving blood

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Re: Giving blood

Postby alan e » Wed 24.11.2021, 17:43

Rambo wrote:Good for you Dave. I always felt better when giving a donation as I felt it was benefitting someone in a worse off condition than myself. And that was before the sweet tea, orange club, shortbread or jammie dodger

You get jammy dodgers up there in Mel Gibsonland we don't down here in the land of the poor.
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Re: Giving blood

Postby Rambo » Thu 25.11.2021, 07:31

Well, we used to before I was forced to give up Alan. But I think that was about 20 years ago now :? I think we even had Burtons Wagon Wheels and Tunnock's tea cakes for afters too - both revolting so I suspect they bought the same ones out time after time
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Re: Giving blood

Postby Jon » Thu 25.11.2021, 12:13

Neil D. wrote:Started in the eighties, however since the mid 90's neither the Swiss or French want mine, as I was a UK resident in the mid 80's during the mad cow disease !

Indeed I started donating blood a little over a decade ago, but since ex-patrioting myself have discovered that the local government have decreed me ineligible for donation due to John Gummer syndrome (that's the potential risk of eating burgers as a child and fear of developing mad cow disease)
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