Wind Buffeting with the Hood Up?

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Wind Buffeting with the Hood Up?

Postby hethel_haus » Wed 04.01.2023, 17:44

Comparisons of the Elan M100 to the Miata abound but I have never seen any comparison comments about wind buffeting. I bought a NB Miata only because it was cheap and readily available nearby. While it is enjoyable to drive with the top down, wind buffeting noise with the top up and the side windows down is horrendous. This is probably due to the fact that the rear base of the top is sealed to the body with no place for air to escape other than swirling around and exiting back thru the windows. I know the hood on the M100 folds down to the body when erected so I am wondering if the seal is loose enough for air to escape? I had an MGB for a long time where the hood snaps to the body. I never had any issues with rain leakage and the looser fit was more than enough for air to exit. Wind buffeting was never a problem. I only ask because there are times when driving a convertible where the sun is so intense that erecting the hood is a matter of self-preservation to avoid sure sunburn.
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Re: Wind Buffeting with the Hood Up?

Postby FunElan » Wed 04.01.2023, 18:27

I just had a new hood installed, and had to do a fair amount of adjustment. What I learned is that you can adjust how "firm" the hood pins down onto the decklid. I have adjusted mine to its firmest setting, and I notice that when on the highway, it lifts up a little bit, probably for air to escape. An example of, "that bug is now a feature."
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Re: Wind Buffeting with the Hood Up?

Postby dapinky » Wed 04.01.2023, 18:38

I can't really help with a scientific answer, other than what is already stated that there can be a gap under the trailing edge of the hood, which will allow air circulation.

I can't say that I have any experience of it's efficiency, as I can't remember the last time I had the roof up when driving 8) (sunburn is less of a worry here - and worth the odd risk!)

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Re: Wind Buffeting with the Hood Up?

Postby exeterjeep » Wed 04.01.2023, 18:41

I have also just had a new hood, the old one (-was the original), rattled a bit in the metal work - may be the tensioners were not doing their job properly? Now has new tensioners as well, so rattles less but is really windy near the back end on both sides, not so much along the windscreen. Car was quieter with the hood folded down, looking to see how the new one is when the weather gets better.
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Re: Wind Buffeting with the Hood Up?

Postby Tuga2112 » Thu 05.01.2023, 16:16

Unlike the majority of UK owners. I Drive mine all year round.

its rare for myself to ever fully open the windows for an extended time with the hood up. but i cant say i ever noticed anything that was upsetting to me while driving....
but on a aerodinamics perspective. i would find it unlikely that the air was intended to ruch through the cabin and out from behind you. certainly if that happened to me. i would be adjusting the hood fitment to add more pressure at the bottom to stop it.
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Re: Wind Buffeting with the Hood Up?

Postby exeterjeep » Thu 05.01.2023, 16:48

Tuga2112 wrote:Unlike the majority of UK owners. I Drive mine all year round.

Was out in mine yesterday for a little run of 15 miles. Intend to take it out every couple of weeks and its due an MOT/service in February....Am keeping an eye out for a cheap MGF/TF hardtop for sale near me to have a play with.
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