Softtop webbing

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Softtop webbing

Postby NCB ELAN 1991 » Fri 17.03.2023, 18:36

The elastic "webbing" running from front to rear on my 1991 Elan softtop is hanging down like worn out knicker elastic :(
SJSportscars offers a kit but, before getting too involved, has anyone replaced them and, if so, must the canopy be removed or can everything be done from inside.
Thank you for any info.
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Re: Softtop webbing

Postby Fredjohn » Fri 17.03.2023, 18:58

I've replaced mine using elastic webbing from a haberdashers.

Didn't remove hood, but it did require some drilling and tapping, and old web cutting and inventive thinking to attach the new webbing. But it works and was successful.
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Re: Softtop webbing

Postby FunElan » Fri 17.03.2023, 22:56

My hood fitter used seatbelt material. Less elastic, but won't wear as quickly.
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Re: Softtop webbing

Postby HJ2 » Sat 18.03.2023, 00:37

I made some pictures here:
It can be done in situ, but be varefull not to drill through the roof’
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Re: Softtop webbing

Postby muley » Sat 18.03.2023, 19:40

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Re: Softtop webbing

Postby Tuga2112 » Mon 20.03.2023, 11:37

done it with haberdashery elastic.
with roof in place. be carefull not to drill the roof. and im not sure why John needed to do tapping. because all my connections were made using rivets.

ive just finished re-doing it yesterday with the canvas out. and it certainly is a lot easier with the canvas out.
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Re: Softtop webbing

Postby NCB ELAN 1991 » Mon 27.03.2023, 21:47

Thanks for all your suggestions.
I think I will go with muley and Tuga2112 although it would be nice to have it done by a profile.
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