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Re: elan scan drivers

Postby chrism » Sun 10.09.2023, 21:18

Yep absolutely agree with your sequence Ron. I used my updated win 10 -> win11 version of ES as well outside of the VM. Both usb2 and usb3 on my elderly l/top gave data acquisition so I think there was some driver 'overkill' there :)

A couple of things that come from all this trial and error is that, hopefully, fellow LEC-ers won't need to duplicate all this stuff - unless they really want to :shock: - and win11 doesn't need to paralyze us with ES 'cold turkey.'

We can still get our 'fix' :wink: in at least a couple of ways, I reckon.

Edit: another option I'm going explore is a usb2/usb3 converter -> serial port since my old laptop has one of these as well as usb2 and usb3. But are the latest l/tops being sold with serial ports, now, or will 'progress' take this option out of contention? Let's hope that whatever takes their place is better backward-compatible than usb3 and that there's lots of better info available.
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