Help with steering wheel hub fitment

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Help with steering wheel hub fitment

Postby Luvmeadeadpedal » Sat 16.09.2023, 23:29

I have a lovely vintage MOMO Monte Carlo wheel I have owned since new in 1988 that I have been wanting to fit on my M100.

I have yet to find a hub adapter that will fit the M100. I purchased both a MOMO and a Grant adapter that were purported to work with the Elan. Every list of wheel hubs are categorized by car and not size e.g. 14.5mm shaft / 28 spline.

I have searched the interwebs and called MOMO directly to try and get something that would fit but to no avail.

My car is a 1991 federal model and was the very first one sold retail in the US according the documents I got with the car and the size is 14.5mm with 28 splines.

I have tried a Grant 4509 that fits Isuzu vehicles and the MOMO was supposed to fit a Lotus Elise. I am out $200 ish on hubs now without much success and wanted to see if any of you cracked the code here with this?

Thanks in advance for any wisdom.
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