Sticking brakes?

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Sticking brakes?

Postby robertblow » Tue 08.06.2021, 12:55

Hi All,
Drove for 10 miles in hot weather. left elan in car park in bright sun for 5 hours. Got halfway home and the car was feeling resistance as if the brakes were lightly on. she was reluctant to freewheel a bit further and could smell burning. Eventually got home by making frequent stops.half an hour later, all was fine. Any ideas gratefully this is a brake issue I'm reluctant to drive her until resolved.thanks
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Re: Sticking brakes?

Postby MPx » Tue 08.06.2021, 13:13

If you are running standard brakes then they are known to give trouble with the pads sticking on the pins. The pins need to be removed, de-rusted, and replaced. But that tends to be a standard corrosion type issue not affected by heat as such. Don't really see why they'd stick just cos its hot - brakes are designed to get hot after all!
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Re: Sticking brakes?

Postby Rambo » Tue 08.06.2021, 18:46

My guess too is that the front calipers are stuck on and probably have been for a while. Have you driven it much this Spring/Summer or since Covid travel restrictions have been eased? Does it live outside all year? Do you have OEM brakes?

It's a relatively easy fix to strip the calipers and rebuild kits are available from SJS if required. The stock brakes are OK if well maintained but have a tendency to stick as Mike has mentioned. Quite a few of us have changed to HiSpec (or PNM, AP racing, Wilwoods etc....) 4 pots on the front and PNM rear brake upgrades too (calipers ex VW Golf MK 4)
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