Wind deflector

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Wind deflector

Postby Malc » Wed 01.06.2022, 21:23

I have read the various posts about a wind deflector which I feel is a good investment. However does anyone know of one that folds flat when not wanted? There are a couple of brands around (Weyer, Airax) which look good and apparently do the job but are fixed. In a former life, I had a Mercedes SL Pagoda (1966) and Jaguar XK (2007) and I bought a folding deflector for both. Both worked well but with most deflectors there was always some impedance to view out the back with the hood down. However it was great that with the hood up, the deflector could be folded out of the way, flat on the hood lid so one had a clear view out the back. Is there a folding deflector that fits the Elan?
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Re: Wind deflector

Postby Saltire » Thu 02.06.2022, 07:09

I’ve never heard of a folding deflector for the M100. Before I bought my deflector, I researched the situation fairly thoroughly, and decided there simply wouldn’t be room for a folding deflector either behind the seats or in the hood well.

I did experiment with the idea of making a deflector which slid down vertically against the front wall of the hood well when not required, but getting the slide rail fixings sufficiently secure at either end proved to be too much of a challenge.

Some folks have used a clear piece of Perspex attached to the inner sides of the seats at head level (a la Porsche Boxster), but I’ve not tried it so can’t comment.

My working solution is to use the standard deflector, but to modify the fixings with a channel cut in the fixing ring so the deflector can be removed quickly by slackening the fixing knobs and lifting. Simple solution and works well.

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