new tyres

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Re: new tyres

Postby RonR » Sun 16.07.2023, 14:44

Hi Peter,

I recently got myself a full complement of bushes, all were Poly apart from the following:

Front rafts, although mine's an SE I fitted the S2 rear bushes as I have S2 wheels which are heavier like the US spec ones:

C100C6006F - LOWER RAFT MOUNTING BUSH (Front) (4 per car)
E100C6001F - LOWER RAFT MOUNTING BUSH (Rear, 2 per car) (Series 2)

If you're refurbishing the TCAs there's one more rubber bush required:

D100C6005F - BUSH, DAMPER YOKES to LOWER LINK (2 per car)

And on the rear suspension:

B100D6018F - BUSH for REAR TOP LINK (4 per car)

I've seen in the past some have reported creaking after fitting Poly bushes, I managed to find some Powerflex Silicone assembly grease which has added PTFE - No creaking so far!
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Re: new tyres

Postby peter canepa » Mon 17.07.2023, 20:59

Lucky You. Where did you find them?
this is were I'm at currently
SW Lotus has
D100C6001F rubber Flanged bush lower raft early (the word early, may be the wrong part for our later cars)
C100C6006F Flagged bush raft mount
SJ has
C100C6006F D100C6018F 100C0010 100C0008 100D0009 100D0006 100C0011 All Poly
I'll ask about the rear
Damm this car looks good
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