Suspension "calculator" for larger wheels

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Suspension "calculator" for larger wheels

Postby Elanlover » Sun 28.06.2015, 19:44

This is a pretty good tool I've come across for calculating the impact on suspensions when wheel sizes are changed. I haven't seen anything like it elsewhere and its pretty comprehensive but if anyone can point in the direction of other or better tools that'd be great. This tool allows you to input various fields and see the impact on ride hide and other crucial elements when you change wheel sizes whether that be diameter, offset, width, etc. The goal when opting for bigger wheels should be to come as close as possible to the stock "suspension characteristics" - not the side profiles, offsets or other criteria. One little bit of data that usually gets left out but may be the single most important aspect is the scrub radius as that has a significant impact on handling, braking, etc. This tool can help you figure out what wheel specs (like offset, width, etc.) are necessary when you go to a 17" wheel or want a wider wheel. Of course, you probably want to start out with this type of calculator to ensure you are getting the right size of tire first. There are lots of sites on the web like this one but this is as good as any other and will tell you what tire size is needed if you are going from the stock 16' to 17"(205/40 17 for example) wheels so that you keep the revolutions close to stock and your speedo and odometer read reasonably accurately.

Having said all that the first tool I mentioned requires some detailed measurements which don't appear in the tech specs for the car. Things like the length of the upper and lower control arms, the length of the wishbones, etc. If any of us out there have these measurements please post them here. have a look at the site to see what else they are asking for too. I've taken a shot with some guesswork on some dimensions and, while I know I'm not entirely accurate, the results were interesting. For example, if someone wants to try going to a 17x8 in wheel the offset should be 59 with a 235/35 17 tire. Those number would change if we had more accurate dimensions. Thanks!
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